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You could get your legal fees paid too!

Need a Quick House Sale in Ramsgate? You’ve come to the correct place. Sell My House Quickly in Ramsgate are specialists in the quick house buying industry..

We also give you the opportunity to have your legal fees paid for you. 

The reason is simple. Without a doubt, the BIGGEST help or hindrance to a fast sale is the choice of solicitor. That is why we have a panel of fast, effective and highly efficient solicitors who we recommend.

If you choose to use one of them, we will cover your legal fees so you will pay nothing to sell your property quickly.

That means more money in your pocket that you can put towards the cost of moving or to treat yourself to a nice break.

Quick House Sale
Quick House Sale


What if I want to use my own solicitor?

That is 100% fine, however this may cause delays which we will not be able to control. That’s why we recommend using the ones we have used before. They understand that speed is key to you and us.

If you are confident that your solicitor or conveyancer are up to the job, then please use whoever you feel most comfortable with.

Will you still pay my legal fees?

Unfortunately no, we only pay the legal fees when you use the ones we recommend. 

Are they independent?

Absolutely, we appoint two entirely different solicitors firms.  One acts for us, the other firm acts for you. 

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