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An Example of a Good Property Blog Post

Good Blog
Sell My House Quickly

Blogging is a quick and easy way to add good content to your site. Adding good content regularly to your site is the single best technique you can use to get your site up Google. We cannot stress to you how important it is for you to blog. It’s really easy and free. It just takes a bit of time.

If you HATE computers, then you can outsource this part to someone else; a partner, your teenage child, a PA or a VA. You can also tap into our experts at a reasonable cost.


Elements of a Good Property Blog Post

  1. Around 300 words
  2. At least one image
  3. Well written, good grammar
  4. Sprinkle your Keyword Target Phrase into the copy
  5. Use keyword in Title, Description, Address, Images (saving, captions, ALT Image etc)
  6. Have an internal link to another page on your site
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